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My contribution April 13, 2009

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What is brunch without cinnamon rolls?



Sure, cinnamon rolls are great, if you’re into that kind of thing.  Personally, I can take cinnamon rolls or leave them.  This comes in handy at the mall–Cinnabon has absolutely no sway over me whatsoever.

What if your thing is more… shall we say… bacon?  What is one to do?

Now we're talking

Now we're talking

The idea came from Bacon Today.  That’s right, kids.  And entire website devoted to bacon.  Though, given many of the internet circles I travel in, I was sort of under the impression that the entire internet was devoted to bacon.  Contrary to that picture of mine, there were two strips of par-cooked bacon in each roll.  I nuked them first, and perhaps could have nuked them a little longer.

Bacons make us Hooooooooooge

Bacons make us Hooooooooooge

As it turns out, I never have any of the bakeware that my recipes call for.  I enjoy employing aluminum foil in the space-filling process.  I could have made these in a silicone pan I have, but I didn’t feel like doing two batches.  Two batches is lame.

Ta DA!

Ta DA!

The rolls do not seem disturbed by the foil or the bacon.  My verdict?  I’ve had both the plain and the bacon from this batch, and I guess I could go either way.  The bacon actually leaves sort of a weird after-taste (and, I’m sorry to say, an even weirder after-burp).  It’s tasty while it lasts, and my brother-in-law ate one.  My brother-in-law won’t eat anything new or different.  I consider that a victory in itself.


4 Responses to “My contribution”

  1. Rocketdog Says:

    I’m surprised Dad doesn’t have as his home page! Bacon!!
    I thought the bacon kind of balanced out the super sweetness of the cinnamon rolls. Of course I like syrup on my bacon….yum!

  2. Laura/LaRue Says:

    WOW. I am totally bookmarking that site. Also, can you make gluten free cinnamon rolls?

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